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Bring the outside in with the tropical vibes of the Guzmania plant. Known for its striking yellow leaves, the Guzmania plant is one of the easiest plants to care for. Aswell as being easy to look after, the Guzmania also helps improve the air quality while you sleep.

  • Height: Upto 40cm tall
  • Light: Bright & indirect
  • Water: Water into the central well which the flower stalk rises out of. Do not over water as rot will occur
  • Temperature: Warm household
  • Humidity: Moderate

+ Luxe Plant


One of the most popular household plants, the Anthurium is also commonly known as the 'Hawaiian Heart' due to its attractive red heart shaped leaves. Not only does this plant look amazing, it is also extremely easy to care for, making it a perfect gift for beginner plant owners.

  • Height: Upto 45 cm tall
  • Light: Bright & indirect
  • Water: Once the soil surface begins to dry
  • Temperature: Household
  • Humidity: Moderate

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Price includes delivery and ceramic style plastic pot.

  • Little yellow Guzmania Plant - £22
  • Luxe red Anthurium Plant - £32