Behind The Blooms

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Hope you’re having a blooming great week! Ours started a little chaotic, just the 1738463838 orders to get out the door… but we’re now on the home straight and can see the weekend (think: netflix, spritzes and long lie ins) ahead of us .

You told us you loved #BTS, we listened... So we proudly present to you our mud blog! Expect candid moments in the studio, interviews, top trade secrets and much, much more! 

For our inaugural issue, how else best to introduce you to mud than via our own first employee! Meet bby B aka Baillie Rossi.

Hope you enjoy, let us know what you’d like to hear about next. 

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Behind The Blooms

Q: What’s your job role at Mud?
A: I’m the lead florist and I guess studio boss *laughs*

Q: How long have you worked at Mud? 
A: Since it started.. actually before it started, I remember when it was just an idea! Of course I always thought it was goer. 

Q: What’s the best part of working at Mud?  
A: I like working in a small team at a start up business. You feel like you’re part of the growth! I also love gifting flowers, arranging  flowers, flowers! I love the colours and varieties. I love how you can change someone’s day with a bouquet. 

unnamed+(1) (1).jpg


Baillie w/ dahlias grown in Scotland by
Rosie at Scottish Cut Flowers

unnamed+(5) (1).jpg


One of the first photos taken
of Baillie at Mud

Q: What are the parts of the job that people don’t see on Instagram? 
A: Dirty buckets, smelly water, early starts, cold studio… not being able get my nails done, or my nails chipping instantly! 

Q: What’s your favourite flower? 
A: Cosmos definitely! They are delicate yet bold. 

Q: Many people know you as B with the good hair, what are your top tips for getting a new profile pic? 
A: Lighting is key! (And a hair swish always helps with making the pic look candid!)

download (5).jpeg

Q: Have you had a favourite bouquet?

A: I love working Scottish cut flowers, but in terms of memorable bouquet the 100 red rose bouquet I made earlier the year was a milestone for me.

Q: What app would you be lost without? 
A: Instagram 

Q: What’s your fav filtering app? 
A: Afterlight or VSCO 

Q: What are your top tips for any budding florists that want to be involved in the industry? 
A: Having a genuine interest and passion for people and for flowers. It’s not just a cute insta job, it’s a lot of hard work. The best way to get an understanding is to get a Saturday job in your local shop or read online forums and educate yourself. 

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Q: what’s next at mUD? What are you looking forward to?

A: 2019 wedding season! Bigger bespokes! And delivering to more areas, I’m from Barrhead and can’t wait to be able to send bouquets to my friends.

Q: What’s your favourite Scottish flower? 
A: I love anything that’s homegrown, wild and free to flourish. If I had to choose it would be Scottish Cut Flowers (@scottishcutflowers) dahlias or cosmos. I also love strawflower!

Q: What’s special about Scottish grown flowers? 
A: I love that they are all different — no stem, petal or bud is the same as another. And it’s great to support other businesses in Scotland. We love working with growers close to home. Rosie is so passionate and dedicated to growing — she also has two beautiful collie dogs (Bonnie and Bracken) and we love when they visit the studio.

Q: What do you think about the new candle line? Do you have a favourite candle? 
A: Yes! I love them! No matter how disorganised I feel, if I light a candle I instantly feel A bit more put together. I love jasmine!

Q: Is Valentine’s Day the best or worst day for a florist?
A:I personally love it because I’m a hopeless romantic *laughs*. I’m obsessed.. Im obsessed with everything to do with valentines. I feel working on Valentine’s Day I play Cupid! And who doesn’t love red roses. It’s a very busy and challenging time but I’d say the most rewarding, it’s nice to know there’s still a lot of old romantics ... or really great friends amongst people.

Chloe Milligan